For the past two years my “studio” has been my son’s former bedroom.  I struggled until recently, to remove all vestiges of his books and airplane collections, not wanting to erase all physical lingering childhood memories. This reluctance stemmed from the fear that eliminating all evidence of my son’s bedroom would also take him away from my memories.  This could never happen.  I was not ready to reclaim this room as my workplace. 

 Three weeks ago I began reconstruction of this room, chains of the fear of losing memories finally disappeared.  I have pine laminate flooring where worn out green carpet lay.  I created two accent walls, once a safe beige into fireglow red. These walls now display my completed portraits. Using Craig’s List, I purchased a wooden drafting table.  The room is called, my studio.

These changes make  dedicate the room  to the creation of art.  The room belongs to me.  I believe I have more confidence in myself as an artist.


I believe that behind every piece of created and orginal work there is a story to unravel as revealed by the creator of that creation. Here I plan to share the behind the scenes development of my work.  This may include my trials, anguishes and triumphs that accompany any quest of discovery.